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Section II is a streaming platform connecting LBTQ stories and audiences.

We acquire, create, & showcase Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (#LBTQ) content across genres, formats, and platforms. 

This is our beta site and a first step towards a destination platform for features, shorts, and series.

SectionII.com | Come #SiiYourself On Screen

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We’re building an ecosystem for content creators and content consumers alike. We believe in connecting audiences to the content, the creators, and the curators leading the discussion around #BetterRepresentation for LBTQ women in pop culture.

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Section II is a BENEFIT CORPORATION dedicated to #BETTERREPRESENTATION for #LBTQ women in popular culture.

The lack of LBTQ women represented on-screen and behind the camera has a negative effect on LBTQ women and society as a whole

…and that’s something we can fix.

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A Look Ahead

Section II has recently launched our first subscription package, the Spotlight Series.

Each month a curated bundle of content, including exclusive art, essays, and commentary, will showcase classic works alongside up-and-coming filmmakers and exciting new multimedia projects. Each Spotlight Series is built around a new theme each month.

SectionII.com is in its Beta Version right now but will soon be the hub of our multi-platform network of streaming and VOD channels.

This is just the beginning.

Like where we heading?


  • Allie Esslinger
    Allie EsslingerFounder
  • Matthew Smaglik
    Matthew SmaglikPrincipal and Producer
  • John McDonald
    John McDonaldHead of Acquisitions
  • Kara Smith
    Kara SmithCurator
  • Darcy Schlitt
    Darcy SchlittSales

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