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Section II Campaign

Section II, Inc. is a Benefit Corporation and film company dedicated to #BetterRepresentation of queer women in popular culture. We acquire, create, and distribute premium LBTQ content across our multi-platform network of streaming and VOD channels. Please consider donating to our campaign and sharing our story with your friends and allies. Thank you, Allie Esslinger and the entire Section II Team

We have reached a very exciting but critical moment in our efforts. With $50,000, we can capitalize on all of the momentum we’ve built so far:

Complete the upgrade to our website.

Produce our first original web series.

Negotiate a fair deal with more traditional investment.

What is Seed & Spark?

Seed & Spark is a crowd funding platform, an audience engagement site, and a distribution system all rolled into one; a sustainable film making ecosystem that the Seed & Spark crew has dubbed Fair Trade Filmmaking, and we love it.  We’ve broken down our budget for the next six months, and you can fulfill items directly from our wish list or make a cash contribution and receive one of the many Section II incentives available through the campaign. The Seed&Spark team has been incredibly supportive throughout our Section II development, and we are thrilled to be working with them on our first official Section II campaign.

Learn what we do and why we do it.