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Rush Tera

We are proud to be working with RushTera to make the acquisitions process quick and easy. They love this industry as much as we do and care deeply about what you’re creating, just like Section II.

To learn more about becoming a part of our Content Creator Network, click here.

COMING SOON: You can go directly to our upload portal to submit a screener of your film for inclusion in the world’s largest discovery platform for LBTQ creators.

Investing in Section II is not just supporting one film– it’s a step towards thousands of new stories. It’s hundreds of new jobs rooted in two different industries– tech and film– notorious for blocking the necessity of female-focused invention. And it’s a return on your investment across a slate of original content and a suite of distribution platforms all brought together through best-in-class technology supporting audience lift and community engagement across all channels.

It’s 2015 and momentum is driving the train already. We’re looking for people excited by the important work of laying new track.

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SECTION II acquires, creates, and showcases LBTQ content across genres, formats, and platforms. We’re a Benefit Corporation dedicated to #BetterRepresentation of queer women in popular culture. Join us.