I realize that last week was Thanksgiving and that would’ve been the appropriate time to say how grateful I am for your early support and enthusiasm.  But there’s never a bad time to feel humbled, encouraged, or grateful— or a bad time to convey those feelings. Also, I went to Alabama for the holiday and even though I don’t come from Stereotype City, I did find myself without an Internet Connection and without a phone signal for most of the three days I was there.

Thanks to a reblog from LezBeHonest, we got some new followers yesterday and we got on a lot of other people’s radars for the first time. We’ve said hello and explained who we are and why we are here before, but today I just want to Thank You and invite you to stick around. We are a young company with ideas that will allow us to grow into an established company, and it all started this Fall.

We also invite you to give us your thoughts and opinions about what we’ve got going on and how we’re doing. This is a company for queer women, for content creators, and content consumers. Section II will be a destination and an ally for all of the above, and we want to make sure we have what you want when you arrive.

Anytime you have a thought, a request, or an idea, please share it with us! Message us here or send me an email directly: allie@sectionii.com.

We’ll have another update about our big pitch, the new website, and the JULIE GOLDMAN COMEDY SPECIAL later this week.

Take care and thank you again,

Allie Esslinger, Founder