This series of #ReImagined movie posters gives you a sense of the talent and perspective of our creative volunteers.

Women In Black #ReImagined
10 Things i Hate About You #ReImagined
The Way We Were #ReImagined
Out of Sight #ReImagined
Garden State #ReImagined
BUTTER&EGG ROAD, @LesbianLoglines
Bandter, @LesbianLoglines
LOVERS GAME, Danielle Earle, @LesbianLogline
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I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for volunteering with Section II. Building a business with other stakeholders is something I’d never done before–  It’s a great responsibility and privilege. Certainly it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever started, although completely luxurious as well, when you think of all the perks in my daily to-do list:

Working with content creators, meeting new people at film festivals and tech conferences around the country, watching new creators’ work when it’s submitted for inclusion on the site, coming up with marketing and distribution strategies that are fun and innovative– these are all things I’ve dreamed of doing my entire life.

It’s been a rewarding and challenging and exhilarating rollercoaster of emotion since we got started back in Fall 2013. I owe every opportunity I’ve had to the myriad of people who bought in early and continue to do so. There are so many friends and family members, who have contributed their time and resources since I started talking non-stop about “Netflix for Lesbians”.  There are so many audience members on the site who are watching and sharing the content we’ve licensed so far. And countless advisors, and colleagues who have offered their knowledge and time in support of this company and its vision.

Section II of the Motion Picture Production Code dealt with the portrayal of Sex on-screen throughout the 38-year span of Industry Moral Censorship. It outlawed homosexuality on screen until 1968.  We are reclaiming our namesake and creating a destination platform and brand dedicated to #BetterRepresentation of #LBTQ women in popular culture.

So what is Section II all about?

First, and most important to me, is what we mean by the term, “visibility.” Although we may sometimes say “lesbian” in conversations or social media posts, rest assured that we mean that as broadly as possible in the realm of female-queer identities within the entire LGBTQ community.  We have a lot in store on the content and community sides of the platform that cannot always be contained in a succinct pitch, and I hope you’ll give us a chance to show you everything we have in stores as we grow and get the chance to test out our ideas with our awesome early adopters and supporters (you!).

I am so excited and honored that you’re willing to work with us as we set up shop and finalize our seed round of capital– every dollar we raise through traditional investment and content sales will go directly into new projects that support content creators and content consumers alike.

Let us know how you want to be involved! We’ll make it work.

Thank you again,